The Pure Charity webapp can help you earn for your Giving Fund each time you shop.
If you would like to turn the Pure Charity webapp off temporarily just change the status to "off". To re-activate the Pure Charity webapp and make sure you earn for your Giving Fund each time you shop at participating stores, change the status to "On". You will then be messaged about your ability to earn for your Giving Fund each time you shop at participating merchants.


The Pure Charity webapp is a great way to make sure you take advantage of all your earning opportunities at hundreds of participating merchants. The Pure Charity webapp reminds you that you can earn for your Giving Fund on your qualifying purchases and also displays other money savings opportunities in the special offer drop down list.

When you visit one of your favorite merchants look for the Pure Charity webapp toggle in the upper left of your browser window. If its there, click it, and you will see your earning opportunity. Click the earnings message and the Pure Charity webapp will change to let you know you will now earn for your Giving Fund on your purchase. It's "FREE", It's "EASY"!

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    Pure Charity webapp FAQs

    Do I have to sign up to use Pure Charity webapp?
    Yes, you need to be a registered member to download and use the Pure Charity webapp.

    Does it cost me anything?
    No, it is completely Free! That's the beauty of it. You will earn contributions to "Maximize Your Giving Fund" on all qualifying purchases at the over 800 participating merchants in the Pure Charity program. You can also get added savings by using coupons listed for the retailers.

    Do I have to shop through the Pure Charity website?
    No, if you have Pure Charity webapp installed, look for the Pure Charity webapp tab in the upper left corner when you visit your favorite retailers' websites. If you see the tab, click it and get more information on how you can earn contributions to Maximize Your Giving Fund on all your purchases through the merchant.

    What browsers are supported?
    You can download the Pure Charity webapp for the most popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)

    Do you support the Apple operating system?
    Yes, the "Pure Charity webapp" is browser specific so whether you run Firefox (or another browser) on a Mac or Windows machine you can download and install it. It will run the same in both.

    How do I add a store to my Favorites list?
    Just click the "add to my favorites" button in the bar. This will add that merchant to your favorites list shown on the options page, which will allow you to access the merchant site in the future with just a click.

    How do I know when I am going to earn contributions for my Giving Fund?
    If you see the Pure Charity webapp tab when you are on a merchant site, open the bar. You will see a message that says "Click here" to earn. Once you click that button the bar will automatically contact Pure Charity and return a message which tells you the contribution you will earn shopping at the merchant.

    How else can I save when I shop?
    You can also use the available coupons for a particular merchant in addition to earning contributions for your Giving Fund. At the bottom of the bar a pick list will display of all coupons available for the particular merchant you are visiting. Select a coupon and the bar will redirect you to the correct page on the merchant's site for that offer, confirm the offer details and your contribution earnings for any purchases.

    How many merchants will the bar work for?
    The Pure Charity webapp will work for all 800+ merchants in the Pure Charity program. For a full list of stores in the program, go to the Pure Charity website.

    Well this is embarrassing, we can't identify you. To re-activate earning for your Giving Fund you will need go to the Pure Charity website, log in and click Rewards.Then visit the merchant of your choice. This will again allow us to make sure your shopping benefit your Giving Fund.

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